How to Pick the Right Golf Cart Cover

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Dusting, removing insects, and drying puddles of accumulated moisture every time you wish to use your golf cart can turn any evening of fun into a cumbersome experience. Whether you store your golf cart outside or inside, a cover can help protect it from simple things like dust build-up to more costly damages like scratches. With several types of covers in the market, this guide will help you determine which golf cart cover is ideal based on your preferred features for fabric, resistance from the elements, and ease of use.

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Do Golf Carts Really Need a Cover?

Just like cars, golf cars are a hefty investment and need to be treated as such. The elements can take their toll on an uncovered golf cart, even more so than a car or truck. Due to the absence of doors and side windows, the interior of golf carts suffers more exposure to the weather. If you outfitted your golf cart with custom premium detailing, you would benefit from protecting the upholstery and the steering wheel with a weather-resistant cover. If you want your golf cart to last and look its best, you need to cover it.

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Golf cart covers are also helpful during winter when you aren't using your cart as much. A protective cover can keep your cart ready for springtime golf games and summer joyrides.


When Should I Cover My Golf Cart?

You can cover your golf cart 24/7 if you want. If the weather is unpleasant, use a golf cart enclosure while you're driving to keep out rain and bugs.


When it comes to storage, you should always keep your golf cart covered, even if it's inside a garage. A high-quality cover will save you time and money so that you can spend less time cleaning and more time on the golf course or driving around your neighborhood.

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Types of Golf Cart Covers

Golf cart covers are primarily divided into those designed for when your golf cart is in use and when your golf cart is in storage.


Enclosures are a preferred option when you seek to have a more pleasant experience for yourself and your guests while out riding. Sitting on wet upholstery, having your hat blown off with a gust of wind, or slapping away a cluster of bees is a highly uncomfortable riding experience for you and your guests.

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