Our Story




Founding Background:
For over two decades, Zenicham has been proud to provide high quality, semi-custom fit cover solutions to protect your largest investment. We source our car covers directly from the manufacturer, so we are able to provide our customers with the best quality and most affordable products available.

Products and Services:
Our mission is to help you enjoy an active lifestyle with greater peace of mind. Whether you own a jet ski, boat or car, we offer hundreds of sizes and styles of covers to ensure the best possible protection for you. We are trusted by boat owners, automotive enthusiasts, RV owners and more to provide reliable and durable protective covers. Our selection of various covers are made of durable materials that protect your prized possessions from the elements, UV rays, and mold.

Customer Story:
Zenicham's covers are more than just products, they are part of customer stories. We've heard many real-life stories about how Zenicham's covers have helped customers protect their investments and enjoy an active lifestyle. From motorboats in the rain to cars in the sun, Zenicham is always there for our customers.

Future Prospects:
The future looks promising for Zenicham. We plan to expand our product line, further serve our customers, and even grow in the cross-border market. We will continue to care about our customers and improve our products to meet your needs.

We care about our customers! If you need help, check out our Frequently Asked Questions and please contact our friendly customer service staff by email for more information about covers, ordering, and any other questions you may have.